APLO/SPOF Prize “Best AOP2011 communication on Optometry”







APLO/SPOF Prize “Best AOP2011 communication on Optometry”




Manuel F. M. Costa’ 2010/11

Universidade do Minho

Hotel & Spa Melia Braga

Braga, Portugal

May 3 to 7, 2011

APLO/SPOF Optometry prize  (APLO & SPOF)


Research on vision sciences and optometry is fast increasing in Portugal. 

The Portuguese Association of Graduates in Optometry, APLO, is committed to the development of optometry in Portugal both at professional level and scientific research.

The Portuguese Society for Optics and Photonics, SPOF, embraces those goals recognising the importance of vision sciences and optometry and, in cooperation with other institutions active in the field, will work towards its development.


A prize will be awarded to the author(s) of the “best” work on Optometry presented at the AOP2011 conference.

The international cooperation, in particular with researchers and institutions in Spain, is also contributing to the development of optometry in Portugal. Therefore all works presented at the conference in this field will be considered.


The prize ceremony will take place at the closing ceremony of the conference, Saturday 7 at 12:20.










Certificate, Monetary prize on the amount of 150€, 3 years of free full SPOF membership.