(GPS coordinates : Lat 41º 9’ 8.2182’’, Lon 8º 38’ 12.137)

The conference will take place in the Physics and Astronomy Department of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto). With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the University of Porto is currently the largest education and research institution in Portugal.

Situated in the Campo Alegre campus of the University of Porto, the Department houses a number of research institutes in diverse areas of Physics, including the Optoelectronics unit of INESC-TEC.

The venue is located in a quiet area with several green gardens with remarkable views to the sea, the Douro river and its historical bridges, the world famous Porto wine cellars and the UNESCO World Heritage “Ribeira”. The Faculty facilities are excellent and serve, each year, a large number of similar events.

Boavista’ area with its world renowned Casa da Música (The House of Music), shopping centers shops and hotels are a few minutes walk away. An modern and very efficient public transportation system (subway, buses, trams) connects in a few minutes to all major interest points in the city but also to the airport, train stations and well as the several well known beaches and seaside towns both north and south of Douro River. Porto’s cultural and social life is waiting our visitors…

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